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AEE originally believed there existed a quiet level of discontent in certain spheres of the UK fitness and events industry and that the next meaningful challenge was being sought by those of a certain mindset and curiosity. Tired of the same old formula and commercialization our vision and outlook was that the time had come for a new type of event; one that provided a truly meaningful challenge with historical context, a unique and fresh adventure, a severe test by any standards and a remarkable journey of self-discovery. The original Fan Dance Race UK was first delivered by AEE in truly dramatic and against the odds fashion.

As an organisation AEE set and maintain incredibly high standards for both the safety and quality of the events and training they are able to deliver. As the UK’s leading ultra-tough military event’s organiser, they set themselves apart as the original Special Forces events organisation, offering the absolute closest SAS & SBS Selection experience outside of the military system. AEE & SF Fit invest heavily in their staff, equipment and in training their patrons, and for that reason maintain an unblemished safety record in spite of hosting and delivering what are arguably among the most demanding and superior series of endurance events and highly realistic training courses in the world, often staged in the most adverse and testing of weather conditions. This is achieved through the confidence drawn from having the right people with the right skills and experience at all levels within the organisation.

AEE are understandably proud of their provable heritage and achievements; as the first and original organisers of the Fan Dance Summer and Winter edition events and, as the only organisation in the UK able to deliver the entire test week series and associated training. Their values are forged on the SAS Regimental ethos of humility, discipline, humour, a classless society and the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.


The goals of Fan Dance UK are multiple: to cause a dramatic shift in the UK endurance event industry through a series of challenges, tests and races that:

* Introduce a first of a kind non-commercial endurance event series, with a strong personal touch that truly cares and caters for its supporters and doesn’t impact on the natural environment. Our original Fan Dance UK was a fresh idea that actually possessed a grand history and heritage demanding of the highest of Special Forces standards first established in Stirling’s SAS Regimental ethos. AEE therefore pledge that The Fan Dance UK will always value its supporters through; a fair and competitive price structure, not passing registration charges onto patrons through third party processing platforms, providing complimentary good quality food and drinks at the end of each event, no hidden car park costs, a level of instructor/organiser interaction with event patrons that will be unrivalled elsewhere within the industry. We also pledge to place a strict cap on the number of entries of each event which we will rigidly adhere to over profit for integrity of service, avoiding lines and for flawless mountain safety protocol.

* Become established and recognised as being among the most demanding, beautiful, original and authentic endurance events series in the UK and to position the Fan Dance and its associated events and training courses firmly at the apex of the military fitness industry.

* To reconnect with the natural world and our ever diminishing human instincts by staging the Fan Dance and its associated AEE: Special Forces Fit events, tests and challenges in some of the most spectacular, demanding, beautiful and varied environments in the UK, extending our event delivery overseas with staging grounds ranging from deserts to forestry and high alpine mountains to ocean side.

*To focus on the individual by developing quiet confidence, humility and strength of mind whilst striving for excellence. The Fan Dance is unique in the entire UK military fitness industry in that the focus is on the individual over the team. The most robust individuals in both the military and civilian worlds are those who are able to perform and operate under pressure without the need for external encouragement or influence; to keep pushing through adversity and demanding tasks by showing discipline, innovation and fortitude by honing our innate will to succeed and flourish no matter what the odds. Such characteristics form the bedrock of the British SAS & SBS Selection courses, built around the foundations of the absolute strongest individual will always maintain the discipline to work effectively in any team. The outcome will be more finely tuned and omnipotent Fan Dancer able to stretch previously conceived perceptions of limits and knowing himself a little better than he did before.

*The Fan Dance Race UK will actively support numerous military charities and provide a sense of community for veterans, be it through offering employment, active participation or volunteer roles while also acting as a meaningful staging ground for veteran reunions.

*An inflexible awareness of affiliations and sponsorships that don’t meet our own brand standards and ethos. To only accept sponsorship or affiliation with brands whose products our DS & MST team personally favour and use in a professional capacity without bias or commercial incentive. Every sponsorship and affiliation to the Fan Dance will be by design to the absolute gain and benefit of our supporters and patrons.

*To motivate and inspire potential UK Special Forces candidates to attempt Selection with the strongest possible chance of success and to share the Special Forces spirit and ethos with members of emergency services and other professions for their own development an enhancement.

*To build bridges and develop understanding, respect and interaction between the military and civilian worlds through sharing experiences in the form of hardship and meaningful challenges. Only by marching the hard yards together can a deeper and fuller level of understanding exist and flourish. Organisationally, the Fan Dance UK provides a window into the Special Forces world and allows us a platform to share the lessons and experiences learned through Special Forces soldiering, both in training and warfare to the civilian and military communities.

*To support our local community by mindful contribution to the local economy and its people. AEE are proud of their Welsh home and headquarters, which provides the administrational hub and staging grounds in the mountains that are inextricably linked with SAS Selection. Our organisation endeavours to source much of our produce locally, from artisans to the landowners, and everyone in-between; from those who supply our post march meals to the coveted hand crafted champion’s category prizes. From the outset AEE have endeavoured to forge strong bonds and friendships with the local authorities, emergency services, farmers and landowners, outdoor centres, accommodation owners and other small business who especially rely on the business we put their way during the quieter winter months. Much of the success of the Fan Dance is owed to the local community without whose support and infrastructure something of that special atmosphere would be lost in our events. Our reputation in South Wales and strong relationship with the more immediate community in the mountainous areas are built around the core contingent of our team who are proud Welshmen, or live in Wales.

* Develop and raise awareness of Special Forces fitness as the world’s most complete all round functional fitness training, as honed by US, Australian and British Special Forces units. The ultimate Fan Dancer and Special Forces Fit athlete will develop muscular endurance, stamina, robustness, long haul endurance, heart and lungs fitness and mental toughness. He/she will be able to perform in any environment, under any conditions, often without sufficient food or sleep beyond the realms of any professional or cross fit athlete. The Special Forces soldier is the universal athlete.

* AEE is proud to have earned its reputation through hard work, passion and expert event delivery, opposed to living off the image and name of the Special Air Service & Special Boat Service. Our standing in the industry is built around around our Directing Staff team, who have earned the DS tag exclusively through service within the SAS and SBS Regular or Reserve units and having passed their respective Selection courses. AEE maintain a core DS team who work and train together regularly and at any one time each of the DS are able to assume the March Technical Director role and deliver any event or training day with effective, well drilled and disciplined command and control.

* To be original and authentic and not appropriate the intellectual property, ideas and innovations of other organisations within the industry. To pioneer our own path with integrity born through both military and life experience, with a perpetual focus on education and training. AEE is far more than a team of former soldiers, they are above all else strong individuals with their own interests and ideas who have a passion and pride for the work they do. AEE is an inclusive organisation where every member of the team, (civilian or military, no matter what unit) enjoys the freedom of expression and input for the absolute best possible outcome in the events we manage and deliver.

*Adhere to our founding principles and original pledge: To maintain to the highest standards of conduct in all aspects of the Fan Dance UK and our Special Forces Fit events. We will adhere to the SAS Regimental ethos and use our unique philosophy for the greater good of our supporters and wider community while fostering a sense of compassion, humility and excellence unrivalled elsewhere in the industry. While we actively strive to develop and progress, AEE will never commercialise in the standard industry way and will always value our supporters and staff above profit margins or corporate interests.

Signature here
Ken Jones
(Former UK Special Forces)
Founder, AEE & The Fan Dance Race UK


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Proud to support Brecon & CBMRT Mountain Rescue Teams,The ABF (Airborne Forces Charity), The Pilgrims Bandits, The True Grit Initiative, and the Friends of Storey Arms project for disadvantaged children. A special tribute to Support Our Paras, the official Parachute Regiment Charity and home of the UK’s original military challenge, the legendary Paras 10 TAB of P Company fame.

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