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Avalanche Endurance Events specialise in corporate and charity fundraising events for your business. Managed by our Directing Staff team of former SAS and SBS soldiers, we are able to operate anywhere in the UK or worldwide, with a unique approach to turning your ideas into life changing and life defining events. Our UK headquarters is centered between Elan Valley and the Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales, areas of outstanding natural beauty that are very much SAS Selection heartland and the staging ground for the physical aptitude phase of the infamous Special Forces ”Selection” process.

The SAS has a Regimental ethos, with its founding principles built around the unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Our objective is always to design and manage your event around this Regimental ethos so that your organisation can also benefit from the principles and SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) that have made the British SAS the world’s leading and most revered Special Forces unit.

Our events are generally built around the actual physical tests that candidates undergo on the Special Forces operator program. While authenticity is of the utmost importance to us, the events are modified so that they are both accessible and beneficial to your organisation. Our Directing Staff seek to actively involve themselves in all activities so that they are fully able to offer the very best instruction and pass on their knowledge to make for a truly invaluable and unforgettable experience. The themes that are covered in our events are as follows:

  • * Excellence
  • * Courage/ determination
  • * Self-Belief
  • * Respect
  • * Humility
  • * Team (One team)
  • * Safety
  • * Planning
  • * Strategy
  • * Goal setting
  • * Leadership
  • * Responsibility
  • * Motivation and our ability to achieve beyond what we thought was possible


Avalanche Endurance Events are also able to offer tailor made, bespoke events or sports’ days, designed through a collaboration of your organisations representative(s) and our own Directing Staff. We currently find that multi-discipline, half-ironman distance events are extremely popular. Recent projects have seen us design and manage three leg run-canoe/swim-bike team challenges with a strong Special Forces theme, staged in the Brecon Beacons. All three disciplines have followed historically significant routes that have featured in the SAS Selection process, passing through a stunning natural landscape synonymous with the endeavors of the men who went before you. Tier one personalities like Sir Ranolph Fiennes, Andy McNabb and Bear Grylls have all trodden the same path, the knowledge of which serves as an incredible dose of inspiration and motivation.



The SAS Selection Experience gives you the opportunity to raise the profile of your organisation whilst also raising valuable funds for a good cause of your choice. The Experience is built around one of the legendary test marches faced by candidates undergoing the SAS Selection process in the Brecon Beacon mountains. You will be fully supported and guided along an original SAS test route by a member of our team of former SAS soldiers, who will give a running commentary on the difficulties they faced and the choices they made during their time on the Selection course. Often humorous, their anecdotes and tales of hardship and adventure are fascinating, inspiring and will make for an unforgettable and life changing experience. It is one thing to read of such accounts or learn of them through documentaries and film, but to be out there on the ground where these endeavors actually took place and hear it from the men that were actually there is something completely different altogether, an experience that has to be tasted first-hand to be fully realised. The SAS Selection Experience provides a rare opportunity to walk in the footsteps of a history of young men in search of something out of the ordinary and will be brought to life in a way that will benefit both your organisation and associated charity.

Note: Directing Staff and a cast of mountain support team members will ensure those taking part are fully supported so that each person carries only a lightweight pack with basic provisions. The course may be shortened/modified from the full version depending on varied physical capabilities but will essentially follow the key segments of the original SAS Selection routes. Food and hot drinks will be available at checkpoints throughout the course with a glass of champagne or a shot of whiskey (depending on season) served at the highest point and most spectacular vista along the route. The SAS ”Selection” Experience will be followed by a meal and a presentation by Ken Jones as part of the package, who will talk about his dramatic self – rescue in Romania and his time serving in the Special Forces.

  • * Association and introductions to charities of high reputation
  • * An opportunity to meet key objectives
  • * The chance to reward a high performing team member with a once in a lifetime opportunity
  • * Inclusion of company name and logo across promotional materials and supporting documents, including large event banners, apparel, supporter packs, paid event advertisements, and press releases in the media.
  • * Your brand imagery and name used in advertising and promotion.
  • * Exposure through media from various angles, including the association to various Tier 1 personalities.
  • * Brand building opportunity with a range of new people and organisations
  • * Copy of event images video for marketing purposes
  • * Excellent general PR event and enhancement of your image
  • * Follow up media coverage
  • * Inclusive on location post exercise presentation by speaker Ken Jones.
  • * Inclusive Head office or other location presentation by Ken Jones


If your organisation strives for excellence and you are looking for an event with a difference we would like to hear from you. We will assign a dedicated member of our SAS Directing Staff team directly to your project. For enquiries please contact:


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Proud to support Brecon & CBMRT Mountain Rescue Teams,The ABF (Airborne Forces Charity), The Pilgrims Bandits, The True Grit Initiative, and the Friends of Storey Arms project for disadvantaged children. A special tribute to Support Our Paras, the official Parachute Regiment Charity and home of the UK’s original military challenge, the legendary Paras 10 TAB of P Company fame.

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